Rhinopiping returns

After being unavailable for a few days due to a technical issue, RhinoPiping.com is back online. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we should be able to announce a new release soon.

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The Attribute Analysis plugin updated to v0.9.9.2

We updated again our attribute analysis plugin. It is now a lot faster, more user friendly, and more accurate.

The download page is here, as for the changelog.

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AA_Analysis updated: RhinoPiping pipe length

The plugin AA_Analysis was updated yesterday with a new feature for RhinoPiping users: It is now able to calculate the global length for each DN of each pipe class used in the model!

The result will be displayed directly in the command window.



AA_Analysis updated: v0.9.6

Our attributes analysis plugin, AA_Analysis, was updated to v0.9.6. This major update includes several new features


New Free Plugin: Attributes analysis

We are glad to offer you from today a new free plugin: AA_Analysis

This tool will help you to get a fast overview of an attribute values in your model, using a color code and a chart key.

You will also be able to use this tool to select objects with a specific attribute value.

For example, if you are using an attribute with the building state of your objects, you will be able to see easily your global manufacturing advancement.

For more information and download, navigate to this webpage.


SOLVED – Issue with RhinoPiping update

Due to a bug with windows installer, several people were not able to reinstall RhinoPiping at the moment. We recommend not to try installing the update until the matter is solved.

EDIT: This matter has been solved, is is now safe to re-download the installer from the website and install the latest release.

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RhinoPiping v1.0.9

RhinoPiping v1.0.9, the latest version of our piping plugin for Rhinoceros, is now available from our downloads page.

With several bug fixed and two new commands, Rhinopiping is still improving at a steady pace, and we hope you will enjoy this new release. Don’t forget to ask your questions or give us your feedbacks in our forum.

The update is free, you just have to download it, uninstall the older revision and install the new one. The Change Log is available here.

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RhinoPiping v1.0.8 released

We are glad to release today RhinoPiping v1.0.8, the latest version of our piping plugin for Rhinoceros.

It includes a lot of fixes and improvements, as well as new features like an utility to help solving mismatch between model and catalog at opening (bi-directional updates).

The update is free, you just have to download it, uninstall the older revision and install the new one. The Change Log is available here.


NEW – Tutorials

We just published several tutorials, giving you all the information to customize RhinoPiping and your additional attributes.

Visit our Tutorials page, and if you have some problems you still have our contact page.

At the same time, we released RhinoPiping v1.0.6, a small update for new users. (Change Log)